Improved Performance and Well-Being

For your organization and everyone in it

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Eliminate the firefighting, stress, and persistent problems that waste time, energy and money

We help you create thinking, habits, and systems that lead to wise investments of your organization’s resources. By partnering with you to identify, design, and implement initiatives that address the roots of your biggest concerns, we create a more effective, efficient, and engaging place to work.

Enhance people’s motivation and commitment to the success of your organization

We build upon your strengths and help you apply a deeper understanding of what it takes to get people motivated and engaged, supporting you to create a culture that enhances well-being and inspires success.

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Create an environment where people and performance thrive

People are seeking a work environment where their skills, abilities, and thinking are valued and engaged and they feel safe and motivated to learn, develop, contribute, and innovate. We help you create this environment where people and performance thrive.

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Enhance your organization’s ability to lead people, lead change, and get results

Improved performance requires awareness, motivation, understanding, ability and a plan to take action.


We introduce ideas that help you find opportunities and create effective solutions to overcome your biggest challenges


We help you identify the benefits of making changes and develop manageable and meaningful goals that inspire


We challenge you to think critically and learn how to apply ideas and concepts consistently and effectively


We help you develop skills and habits by planning, practicing, celebrating successes, and overcoming obstacles


We support you to identify, plan, and implement initiatives that engage people, enhance culture, and improve performance


People are at the root of every solution

There are many ways we can help you to reflect upon and improve your organization. Choosing the right initiatives starts with understanding your needs and the outcomes you want to achieve.


Training, Development, and Coaching

Helping owners, executives, leaders, and team members develop thoughts, behaviours, and habits that improve performance and enhance well-being.

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Strategic Planning and Implementation

Helping you develop your organization and transform your culture by supporting you to provide a clear destination, guide people to align, and ensure they have what they need to get to where they need to go.

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Group Facilitation

Creating a safe space that elevates your conversations to more effectively identify improvements and solve problems. Clarifying expectations and outcomes, inspiring critical thinking, keeping focus, and navigating conflict.

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Melanie is amazing at what she does. She changes people’s lives, for the better! She makes us want to be better at what we do!

She creates a space where people feel comfortable getting uncomfortable. She tailors all her work to your situation, prioritizes listening over talking, emphasizes accountability, doesn’t bogg you down with the fluff, nor does she allow you to get away with fluff responses. And then she caps it off with reinforcement.

Simply the best!

Lorrie Guggisberg

Human Resources Director

Melanie challenged us to look at ourselves and our practices individually and as a team. She coached us to make goals for ourselves and our practice and she held us accountable to our goals by checking in and asking questions.

 Melanie helped us to see that all of the concepts related to strong leadership are familiar to us, but helped us to make sense of them in a way that continues to benefit us personally as well as a team. Melanie used humour, her own experiences and our experiences to help us to learn and grow and to work together as a team.

Cora Burns

Executive Director

Melanie showed humor and exuded warmth. It’s not always easy to create that type of connective energy in a virtual setting or to create an environment where participants feel comfortable sharing personal details without having spent any previous time together. Melanie is a skilled facilitator able to create an intimate space for participants to have real meaningful conversations. I look forward to partnering with her again in the future.

Lisa Forestieri

Learning & Development and Diversity Specialist

My organization (CPB Canada) worked with Melanie to help our high-performing team address our group dynamics and the changing expectations as we grow. It was a thought-provoking session that shed insight into critical questions every group of co-workers should be addressing regularly.

We took a lot of insight and value from this session. We highly recommend Melanie as a facilitator and guide for any team and organizational development work.

Rick Johal


Melanie Taylor is an Organization Development Certified Professional who loves helping people develop ideas and habits that propel them forward


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