10 Places to Look to Improve Retention

10 places to look to improve retention
  1. Get great at addressing and resolving problems and conflict.
  2. Improve communication.  Get good at telling.  Get exceptional at listening.
  3. LISTEN with people regularly about behaviour and performance expectations.
  4. Create a continuous performance program that goes way beyond annual performance reviews.
  5. Create clarity and help everyone work on motivating goals that align with strategy.
  6. Give your good performers specific, positive feedback.  Often.
  7. Spend time getting to know people and their needs, motivators, and stressors.
  8. Create a culture where people feel safe voicing opinions and taking risks without fear of reprisal.
  9. Get the right people in the right seats on the bus.  Remove those who don’t align with your values, even if they’re star performers.
  10. Don’t wait until they leave to find out what would have helped them stay.