Month: May 2023

Ask this powerful question often: How can I help them feel safe?

Create Safety to Get Results

Not getting the results you’re looking for? How are people in your organization feeling? Are they stressed? Worried? Fearful?  If they are, those feelings are taking priority in their brains and preventing them from doing and feeling their best. When we focus on helping people feel safe – psychologically and physically, we help people shift their thinking…
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High-performing team meetings are different

Team Meetings Feeling Like a Waste of Time?

So often, team meetings become a time to: Meet. Provide update. Complain. Check box. Next. No wonder we dread meetings and feel exhausted after we leave them. When high-performing teams meet, it’s different. They may share some updates, but the focus of the meeting is on strengthening the outcomes of each individual and the team as a whole. Team…
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Adjust core beliefs to imporve leadership effectiveness

Increase Leadership Effectiveness by Changing Core Beliefs

In a sense, we are all children in adult costumes. We navigate the world with a large set of core beliefs that are established in childhood.  Our reactions to situations, particularly stressful ones, tend to be ingrained, habitual, and automatic, drawing on our core beliefs.  The challenge is that our core beliefs are often flawed. …
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Chicken and egg systems problem

Systems Thinking Offers Leaders Clarity, Confidence, and Solutions

What is systems thinking? It’s about approaching a situation with the understanding that: And in leadership, understanding and improving the root issues means understanding people. With systems thinking, we learn to ask: And most importantly Systems thinking can first feel overwhelming, but with time, it can offer clarity, confidence, and solutions to even our biggest…
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Leadership blind spots

Experience and Power Can Hold You Back

Blind spots are the barriers that we don’t see. They include the stories that we tell ourselves that aren’t true. Our biases, natural human tendencies, and self-protection mechanisms can create blinds spots that hold us back from doing our best and living our best. For example, we may not realize we have the strengths others…
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