Month: April 2024

Leadership Tip: Remote work is not the problem. DOn't try to solve your leadership issues by forcing people into the office

Forcing Return to Office Misses Opportunities

For remote work to work, leaders need to: These leadership practices build morale and motivation and contribute positively to performance both remotely AND in the office.  The “back to the office to get results” mandates are highlighting that managers are missing these essential skills.  They want people back in the office so they can do…
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Leadership tip: Psychological safety and empathy are not the opposite of expectations, accountability, and challenge

Empathy is Not the Opposite of Expectations

I keep encountering resistance to the terms “psychological safety” and “empathy.” When we open the discussion, it often turns out that people aren’t resistant to the concepts, they’re resistant to their interpretation of the concepts. In their mind, psychological safety and empathy equal coddling.  And they’re resistant to coddling. Which makes sense.  Overprotecting and enabling…
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This is my learning from failure post

This is Learning from Failure in Action

A few weeks ago I failed. I had made a goal to write and send/post an article every week.And then I failed.  Twice. My lesson from that failure was to increase my planning window to more than three days. I’ll have been away for 6 days by the time you read this. And you’re reading…
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Leadership tip: Let’s stop rewarding high performers by throwing them into a job they aren’t trained for, offering them little training, clarity, or support, and hoping they’ll figure it out...

New Leaders Need More

Isn’t it funny that we reward people who do their job really well by: