Month: May 2024

Leadership Tip: A closed door* isn’t a sign of disrespect for others it’s a sign of respect for yourself *or a do not disturb, silent mode, paused notifications… with a picture of a red and white “please do not disturb” sign.

It’s Time to Close the Door

The “Open Door Policy” wreaks havoc on organizations.  Or perhaps it’s more the underlying thinking that’s doing the damage. The thinking that we need to be available to everyone at all times, no matter what. The thinking that if we close our door, create boundaries, make time for ourselves, we are rude, unapproachable, disrespectful, a…
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Leadership tip: What middle managers need: Better leadership SUPPORT. What middle managers get instead: Leadership TRAINING.

The Senior Leaders are Missing Out

“This training is excellent, but what do we do if we’re not getting this type of support from our Manager?” “I’m frustrated because I’m giving my team this type of support and it’s working, but I get none of this from my Manager.” “I have no idea what my objectives are, how am I supposed…
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Leadership Tip: Recipe for Disaster Ingredients 1 set of missing or unclear expectations 1 dose of poor communication High-stress situation (optional) Instructions 1. Direct team to take action using missing or unclear expectations. 2. Let team members make assumptions, interpretations, and best guesses using poor communication. 3. Wait.

Recipe for Disaster

We need to stop blaming our teams for failing when they aren’t getting the things they need to succeed. Getting clear on expectations, ensuring people have the skills to communicate well, and checking to make sure expectations and communication are being used effectively take a lot of time and energy.   And it’s one of…
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Leadership tip: Without a level of personal confidence and emotional vulnerability, managers will often feel uncomfortable, even embarrassed, about having simple behavioural conversations with their employees - From The Truth About Employee Engagement by Patrick Lencioni

When You’re Resisting the Important Conversations

My suggestions were met with resistance.  Strong resistance.  “A team meeting?  That sounds awkward.”“One-on-ones, won’t that be weird?” We talked about the skills, approaches, and benefits.  And there was still resistance. That resistance took a little while to work through.  In a safe space, over time, we talked about what was really going on in…
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Leadership Tip: It's a great time to pull out your goal plan, celebrate your successes, think about the barriers, plan and do "the next right thing" with 4 pairs of hands giving thumbs up or high five.

Time to Revisit Your Goals?

Are your goals gathering dust? If you’re like many (most?) of us, your goal plans are currently sitting in a pile or a folder. Perhaps we can call it “The Good Intentions Folder.” So hard to get to.  So easy to forget. Turning goals into action requires discipline.  Focus.  Intention. Valuing and prioritizing the proactive,…
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