Month: June 2024

"Leadership Tip: Don't fall victim to fake efficiency. Be the tortoise, not the hare" - with a picture of a tortoise.

Are You Choosing “Fake Efficiency”?

“I don’t have time to talk to everyone, I have to get it done now!” “But that amount of communication is going to slow down the entire process…” “If we need to address all of those things, we’ll never get anything done around here…” So often we trick ourselves into choosing “fake efficiency.” We rush…
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Leadership Tip: Picture of a lion pointing it’s thumb down with the words “MicroMANAGING” and a red “x”. And a picture of a lion pointing it’s thumb up with the words “MicroDEVELOPING micro supporting micro celebrating micro guiding micro coaching” and a green checkmark

Trying to Avoid Micromanaging?

Choose MicroDEVELOPING instead Like many well-intentioned leaders, he avoided micromanaging.And struggled to support his direct reports to succeed. He was avoiding the wrong part of the word. Learning, growth, and development benefit from support.Regular, frequent support. To help set goals.To help identify barriers.To help identify needs.To help us hold ourselves accountable. In our attempt to…
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Leadership Tip: Blame, shame, fear, and guilt keep us stuck. Picture of a person running on a hamster wheel with "blame, shame, fear, and guilt" beside it. Picture of a happy hamster drinking tea and eating cake with "empathy, understanding, and compassion" beside it

Want to Be A More Effective Leader? Break the Cycle

He was a senior leader who wanted great outcomes.  And yet he was stuck. Often, when a challenge came up, he’d respond ineffectively. Blaming, shaming, punishing.  He pointed the finger at everyone else. When inside, he was fighting the finger he knew pointed at him. He couldn’t take on the blame, shame, guilt, and fear. …
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Leadership Tip: Feelings are like farts - build up over time - buildup depends on circumstances and individual - got to let them out to feel well - need to pick the right time, place, and way to let them out

Feelings Are Like Farts

My kid was bottling up their feelings. They wanted to be strong.   They didn’t want to cry.  They didn’t want to show that they were struggling. Their feelings would come out in blasts – explosive, angry, unexpected. And so we talked about farts.  They understood farts.  They loved farts.  Farts were fun.  Farts were something…
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