So What Do We Really Do?

We help successful, busy, and often stressed owners, leaders, and HR professionals reduce firefighting, stress, and persistent problems and increase the effectiveness, engagement, and well-being of everyone in their organization.

We partner together to create thinking, habits, and systems that enhance the  organization’s ability to lead people, lead change, and get results.

We ask questions that get you thinking about what you want to achieve and what you need to learn about yourself and your organization in order to achieve your goals. We put our heads together to identify, design, and implement initiatives that strengthen your ability to enhance well-being and inspire success.

People focused on a problem rather than a person


Every person living their best life.

Mission and Passion

Engage workplaces and the people in them to develop the thinking, habits, and systems that support people to live and do their best.


Systems thinking

About Melanie Taylor


Melanie is an Organization Development Certified Professional (ODCP) who loves helping people develop ideas and habits that propel them forward.

Throughout her career, from managing safety, wellness, and continuous improvement in her family’s manufacturing business, to owning and operating an award-winning retail store and parenting centre, to coaching and consulting in the organizational development field, Melanie has helped people and organizations develop systems, behaviours, and thinking that enhance their well-being and increase their success.

Melanie has a master’s degree in engineering from the University of Waterloo. Her education and experience have given her a great understanding of systems thinking and human behaviour, which she uses to help individuals, teams, and organizations effectively solve problems and realize opportunities. She is known for creating spaces where people feel safe, valued, and included, and for challenging people to think and grow.

Giving to her community is important to Melanie. She has been a member of numerous boards, committees, and councils and a mentor with Big Brothers Big Sisters. She spent nine years volunteering for the Board of the St. Thomas Elgin General Hospital, three of those years as Board Chair during the retirement of the hospital’s long-standing President and CEO and the peak of a major redevelopment project. She currently serves as Chair of the School Council at her children’s school.

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Melanie Taylor