Achieve Goals With Small Steps

Motivation Tip - Big Dreams, Small Steps

Goals. Ugh, right?

Have you given up even trying?

Often we set the bar high and try to jump right over it.

And end up demotivated, frustrated, and failing.

Big initiatives are achieved through the completion of many small steps.

Aim high, but set the bar low. 

“A low bar? I can get over that. I see a way, I feel I can, if I fail at that it won’t be catastrophic.”

Just like learning high jump, every time you get over the bar you can either set another low bar or raise the bar a little higher.

Image description:  “Motivation Tip,” “approach goals like this” with a picture of a baby climbing steps, “not like this” with a picture of a person going over a high jump bar, “BIG DREAMS, SMALL STEPS”


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