Better Late Than Never

Leadership Tip: It's never too late to pull things out of your "I Should Do That Bag"

I started reading Watership Down this week.

A goal at least 30 years in the making.

Someone spoke of the book during a leadership development program last week.  The old orange-spined copy that sat for years on the bookshelves in my childhood basement sprang to mind.

I’ve always meant to read it.  Have carried the idea of reading it in my “I Should Do That Bag” for decades.  I moved it from the basement to my bedroom bookshelf in my teens.  I took it with me when I moved out.  I’ve found a place for it every time I’ve moved.

I knew exactly where to find it.

And so once the session ended last week, inspired by the stories being shared about the book and other memories of childhood, I collected my copy of Watership Down from the upstairs bookshelves. 

“I should read this.”  How many times have I thought or said that?

It smells like stale cigarette smoke, which is gross yet comforting.  My mom was a two-pack-a-day smoker for much of my life.  Matinee Extra Mild King Size.  I used to get sent to the store for them as a kid.  The “good old days.”  The things we remember.

This was her book.  Printed in 1975.  I remember her telling me many times that it was good, I should read it.  She passed away a couple of years ago.  COPD.     

Perhaps I procrastinated on the goal because it wasn’t the right time before.  It feels right now.  30+ years in the making. 

It’s never too late to pull things out of your “I Should Do That Bag.”