Boundaries For the Win

Leadership Tip: Stressed? Overwhelmed? Exhausted? There are often signs that we need better boundaries. With picture of a person holding there head looking like they are experiencing stress and overwhelm.

She was stressed.  Overwhelmed.  And exhausted.

She was taking on way more than she could or should.

Be a team player.
Don’t be selfish.
Don’t say “no.”
Care about others.  Help others.
Don’t let anyone fail. 
You’re strong.  You’re resilient. 
Don’t let anyone down.

She was drowning in her own truths. 

She was curious about assertive behaviour.  Having boundaries.   Changing the story she told herself.

It took some time.

“I have created some boundaries.  I’ve said ‘no.’  It’s not easy.  It feels good.”

And with time…

“My boundaries are working.  More and more, I am saying “no” to things that are not mine to carry.  I am sleeping well for the first time in years.  I am showing up better.  I am leading more effectively.  I am inspired to create more healthy boundaries.” 

I find being an effective leader is less about knowing the 6 steps to having a difficult discussion and more about knowing how to bring your best self to the role.  I love success stories like these.

Boundaries for the win.