Catch Them Doing Things Well

Leadership Catch Them Doing Things Well

Knock, knock.

“Do you have a minute?”

They tense. 

They’ve been working long hours, stressing about the project, and doing so many things well.

And their manager only drops in when there’s a problem. 

“Let’s get this over with,” they both think.

😞 “I’ve noticed you missed one of the stakeholders in your email communications. That can’t happen again,” the manager reports. 

The manager is disappointed.  The team member is demotivated. 

But what if the manager took a ‘catch them doing things well’ approach to leadership? And routinely dropped in to provide positive reinforcement.

😊 “I’ve noticed you’ve been providing clear, timely communication to our stakeholders. Excellent work, keep it up.”

😊 “I have noticed that you’re really committed to this project, and we really appreciate your efforts.”

😊 “You handled that situation really well. I think staying calm was the key to your success.”

The way we interact with the people we lead impacts their motivation, performance, and well-being. So often, the good and top performers only see their leader when something goes wrong. 

By regularly offering positive reinforcement focusing on specifics, we can positively impact motivation, performance, and well-being for them and for us.

Are there great people on your team who might benefit from you catching them doing something well?

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