Category: Addressing Problems and Navigating Conflict

Do Something About the Problems

Do Something About It

They keep missing deadlines. They aren’t managing their team well. They aren’t hitting their targets. They <insert thing that I wish would just resolve itself here>. Leaders spend a lot of time hoping problems will go away. They’re missing the point that leadership is mainly about making the problems go away (or better yet, preventing…
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I love a good firing

I Love a Good Firing

I love a good firing. When someone is: 👎 Not interested in or able to align with the organization’s values and culture 👎Creating success in one area at the expense of many other areas and people 👎Not willing or able to be a partner in solving problems They are continuously sucking the life out of…
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Leadership Not Babysitting

Why Can’t They Just Behave Like Adults?

Have you ever referred to your job as “babysitting”? Sighed while lamenting about having to deal with an issue? Questioned why the people you lead “can’t just solve it like adults”? I’ve learned:Most adults suck at effectively navigating conflict and instinctively react either too passively or aggressively.Most adults suck at achieving their goals without support.Most adults suck…
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Dealing with difficult people situations

Stop Dealing With “Difficult People”

I have been trying to avoid labelling people as “difficult.” And choosing instead to label the situation as “difficult.” I adopted this thinking when I was asked to create a “Dealing With Difficult People” program. I wanted one of the key concepts to be that ‘navigating conflict is much easier when you see yourself as…
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Don't just ask why? answer it

Why are they doing THAT?!”

“Why are they doing THAT?” “WHAT were they thinking?” “How did they think THAT was a good idea?” “WHY can’t they just sort it out themselves?” Sigh. Questions like these are asked all day, every day, in organizations.  We express them in frustration to a colleague. We mutter them to our tired selves.  We bring…
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Focus on the lawn not on the weeds

Focus on the Lawn, Not the Weeds

How much time do you spend talking about the underperformers in your organization?  If you’re like most organizations, it’s a lot.  The 80:20 Rule tends to come into play with underperformers – chances are 20% of the people are taking up 80% of your time.  And draining 80% (or even 100%) of your energy. This…
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Soft Skills Silence Silos

We’re often so focused on doing the work that we miss doing the work that matters. We prioritize selling, creating schedules, developing programs, designing products, manufacturing, and installing. We head off to our respective departments and focus on our respective objectives and the work we believe needs to be done. We focus on our bubble…
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Ask this powerful question often: How can I help them feel safe?

Create Safety to Get Results

Not getting the results you’re looking for? How are people in your organization feeling? Are they stressed? Worried? Fearful?  If they are, those feelings are taking priority in their brains and preventing them from doing and feeling their best. When we focus on helping people feel safe – psychologically and physically, we help people shift their thinking…
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Chicken and egg systems problem

Systems Thinking Offers Leaders Clarity, Confidence, and Solutions

What is systems thinking? It’s about approaching a situation with the understanding that: And in leadership, understanding and improving the root issues means understanding people. With systems thinking, we learn to ask: And most importantly Systems thinking can first feel overwhelming, but with time, it can offer clarity, confidence, and solutions to even our biggest…
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Leadership Tip: Performance Issue = Unmet Expectation

People Not Doing What You Expect of Them?

Do they know what you expect of them?Performance issues often result when we expect people to read our minds. Do you know what you expect of them?Performance issues often result when we can’t clearly state what we actually want. Are your expectations reasonable?Performance issues often result when we place unrealistic expectations on others because we…
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