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Leadership tip: the benefits are the goal

Rethinking Goals Can Create Success

Have you ever made a goal, done something else instead, and felt like you were failing? You’re not alone. When we create goals, we always have an underlying reason for the goal – our deeper “why?”  But we don’t always (rarely?) sit down to think about it.  We don’t get clear on our bigger objective.…
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Leadership tip: "Easy" Leadership Goal: Celebrate 1 small victory per day (or week)

Looking For An Easy Leadership Goal?

We are so used to receiving only negative or no feedback. We tend to only get recognition or reward when we’ve accomplished “the big thing” and get little to no recognition for the little efforts and achievements along the way. We often label things as “no big deal” when they actually take a lot of…
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Power Squad Podcast: Things That Get in the Way of Change

Hopefully, you’ll find our conversations as interesting as we do! 🙂 Kristina Schmitt, Jenny Barkan, ACC, and I spend a lot of time sharing ideas and building on each other’s thoughts. We thought you might like to listen in as we explore topics that impact leaders and workplaces. Look for the “Power Squad” conversations as a…
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Psychological Safety is your slight edge

Psychological Safety is Your Slight Edge

He rushed up immediately once I was finished speaking. “I don’t want to monopolize all of your time, but I wanted to say that you nailed it with safety. I did leadership development for years and there was always something missing. I’ve come to realize it’s safety.” This week, I had the pleasure of co-presenting to 150…
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Working Smarter Not Harder

Working Smarter, Not Harder

I got sick this week.   I woke up Tuesday morning feeling terrible.    Ah, what to do? It’s hard to choose rest when you have things to do. And when you’ve been bombarded your whole life with messaging like: I battled the messaging and chose rest. But first, I needed to send a time-sensitive email. Thankfully, the…
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Focus on the lawn not on the weeds

Focus on the Lawn, Not the Weeds

How much time do you spend talking about the underperformers in your organization?  If you’re like most organizations, it’s a lot.  The 80:20 Rule tends to come into play with underperformers – chances are 20% of the people are taking up 80% of your time.  And draining 80% (or even 100%) of your energy. This…
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If it's worth doing well it may be worth doing it poorly

If It’s Worth Doing Well, It May Be Worth Doing Poorly

I knew I wanted to be exercising more.  I walk by the rowing machine many times a day. But I didn’t have time for exercise. Or so I told myself. Exercise in my mind was a minimum of 30 minutes. That’s what “they” say, isn’t it? And I felt unmotivated to try to fit 30 minutes into…
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Talking at is not the same as talking with

Talk Less. Listen More.

We tend to confuse notification with communication. We say “I spoke with them about it,” when often we mean, “I spoke AT them about it.” I told them. Now why aren’t they doing it? I told them. Now why aren’t they excited? I told them. Now why aren’t they being creative? Effective communication is not…
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Leadership Catch Them Doing Things Well

Catch Them Doing Things Well

Knock, knock. “Do you have a minute?” They tense.  They’ve been working long hours, stressing about the project, and doing so many things well. And their manager only drops in when there’s a problem.  “Let’s get this over with,” they both think. 😞 “I’ve noticed you missed one of the stakeholders in your email communications. That…
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Motivation Tip - Big Dreams, Small Steps

Achieve Goals With Small Steps

Goals. Ugh, right? Have you given up even trying? Often we set the bar high and try to jump right over it. And end up demotivated, frustrated, and failing. Big initiatives are achieved through the completion of many small steps. Aim high, but set the bar low.  “A low bar? I can get over that. I see a…
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