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Leadership tip: Psychological safety and empathy are not the opposite of expectations, accountability, and challenge

Empathy is Not the Opposite of Expectations

I keep encountering resistance to the terms “psychological safety” and “empathy.” When we open the discussion, it often turns out that people aren’t resistant to the concepts, they’re resistant to their interpretation of the concepts. In their mind, psychological safety and empathy equal coddling.  And they’re resistant to coddling. Which makes sense.  Overprotecting and enabling…
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Melanie Taylor laughing

Hello World!

You can only put so much on an “About” page before it becomes overwhelming at first glance. However, we’re all so much more than three paragraphs of professional highlights. Here’s a little bit more about me. I hope it inspires you to share a little bit more about you. I learned to drive on an…
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