Don’t Let A Failure Be the End of Your Goal

Leadership Tip: Don't let failure be the end of your goal

My goal was to write an article.

I failed.

I made a goal to write and send / post an article every week.
I’ve kept it going for almost a year.

And then I failed.  Twice.

I took a week’s vacation. 
I didn’t plan far enough in advance.

I returned to a holiday Monday.
I hadn’t planned ahead.

Lesson – increase my planning window to more than three days.

Current focus – get back at it.

It could be easy to let it slide again this week.  This is how relapse happens.  Something gets in the way.  Then, we keep letting things get in the way.   Before we know it it’s been a month, a quarter, a year.

It could be easy to be hard on myself.  Instead, I give myself grace.  Grace is what helps me get back at it.

I could hide my failure.  But then I’d have to find something else to write about.

My goal was to write an article.