Focus on the Lawn, Not the Weeds

Focus on the lawn not on the weeds

How much time do you spend talking about the underperformers in your organization? 

If you’re like most organizations, it’s a lot. 

The 80:20 Rule tends to come into play with underperformers – chances are 20% of the people are taking up 80% of your time.  And draining 80% (or even 100%) of your energy.

This tends to result in the rest of the organization, “the people we don’t need to worry about,” getting neglected. 

Best case, they aren’t being supported to reach their full potential. 

Worst case, they end up leaving. 

They want someone to ask them about their ideas, needs, goals, and dreams.  A job interview with a new organization tends to provide the perfect opportunity.   

It’s normal human practice to spend so much time talking about, worrying about, and trying to address the dandelions in our lawn. 

We invest in weed pullers and chemicals. 

We pick each dandelion one at a time.  And three grow back in it’s place. 

We end up frustrated, tired, and out a lot of money. 

While our lawn withers and dies.    

But what if we focus less on the dandelions and water and fertilize the lawn instead? 

The lawn grows lush and full and there is no longer room for the weeds to flourish.   

Think about your organization.  Could your lawn use some watering? 

Image description: “Focus on the Lawn Not the Weeds” with a picture of a watering can pouring water onto a green lawn with a green check mark, and a picture of a person cutting weeds with a red X.