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You can only put so much on an “About” page before it becomes overwhelming at first glance. However, we’re all so much more than three paragraphs of professional highlights. Here’s a little bit more about me. I hope it inspires you to share a little bit more about you.

I learned to drive on an old Chevy Cavalier. The rusted locks were removed to avoid being trapped in or out of the vehicle. Not stalling at stoplights required switching to neutral, with one foot on the brake, and one on the gas. I owe a lot of who I am today to that crappy car.

I lived what felt like a relatively easy life, although looking back now, it was definitely not.

I did the things a well-behaved person is supposed to do. Got good grades and a master’s degree in engineering, married, worked hard, created an award-winning business, volunteered, and had children. I sought perfection and was compassionate. If there was a problem, I found it and fixed it.

In the span of one year my marriage, job, business partnership, and many friendships ended in a fiery explosion of “excellent learning opportunities.” I kept looking for hidden cameras, thinking maybe someone would jump out and say “Surprise! This is fantastic television! We hope you’ll sign the contract!” It never happened.

While things were falling apart, I became the ultimate fixer. I devoured books and articles, trying to understand people’s behaviour, including my own.

In the end, I dusted myself off and forged my way forward, one small step at a time. I took with me the good things – the kids, the friends, and the lessons. I let go of the not so good – the unhealthy people, habits, and thoughts. It was slow at first, baby steps, which gradually became bigger and quicker, until I found myself leaping and bounding toward my best life.

I learned to shed fear, negative self talk, and passive behaviour and get comfortable being assertive. I stepped into new love, new friendships, new business opportunities, and a new me, all fiercely better than before and better than I ever could have imagined.

I learned my lessons the hard way. And while I believe the struggle is important, I do not think anyone should have to suffer to become their best self.

Through my experiences I have developed a great understanding of human behaviour. I now rely heavily on my innate intelligence, systems thinking, and ability to create a safe space to identify and solve problems with individuals, teams, and organizations.

My purpose and passion are to use my experience to help others nudge their way forward. My vision is that one day, perhaps many generations from now, every single human is living their best life.


May 2, 2022

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