I Love a Good Firing

I love a good firing

I love a good firing.

When someone is:

👎 Not interested in or able to align with the organization’s values and culture

👎Creating success in one area at the expense of many other areas and people

👎Not willing or able to be a partner in solving problems

They are continuously sucking the life out of the organization and everyone in it. Sometimes, it’s so slow that it’s hard to notice the damage being done.

Kind, well-intentioned people tend to keep the wrong people around for way too long.

😕 Avoiding conflict.

😕Fearing the added workload.

😕Not wanting to feel bad about letting someone go.

Maybe, just maybe, that person will quit…

I love a good firing.

And by that, I mean releasing a person who is sucking the life out of everyone else in the organization.

You can feel life flooding back in once it’s done. 

🛫 Spirits rise.

🛫Engagement increases.

🛫The team feels a greater sense of possibility. 

And the person who is released has been given the opportunity to find a place that is a good fit, rather than trying to succeed in a place that was never going to be able to give them what they needed to thrive.