Is Discomfort Holding You Back?

Bravery is being afraid and doing it anyway

There’s a misconception that contributes a lot to imposter syndrome and holds people back…

It’s that being brave means not being nervous, anxious, afraid, or hesitant. 

But the presence of fear does not mean the absence of bravery. 

Bravery is being scared and doing it anyway.

Feeling discomfort and leaning in.

Not being certain, but giving it a try.

Leadership constantly presents us with challenges that require us to be brave. But that doesn’t mean we can’t and won’t be nervous, anxious, afraid, hesitant, or uncomfortable. 

In fact, to grow, develop, and thrive, we must become a little uncomfortable.

Leaders tend to hold themselves back from creating a better team and workplace culture because doing that first one-on-one coaching session, creating that first goal, or leading that first conversation about expectations is uncomfortable or scary. 

Is there a growth opportunity that would benefit from your bravery?  

Image description: Venn diagram with “Being Afraid” on the left, “Doing the Thing” on the right and “Bravery” in the middle.