Let Them See You Struggle

Let them see you struggle so they don't think they're the only one who does

I’ll let you in on a secret…

None of us have it all together. However, we often give the impression that we do. 

Whether it’s curated social media accounts, glowing annual reports, or keeping our challenges from our team, we often give the impression that we don’t struggle.

And it’s giving all of us a false sense of what success looks like, creating stress and negatively impacting well-being and performance. 

In my leadership development programs that have a mixture of senior and junior leaders, the consistent feedback from the junior leaders is that they really appreciated hearing how the senior leaders have the same struggles they do. It helped the junior leaders feel like it was ok that they weren’t perfect and it took a lot of stress off. Their definition of success changed, which actually increased their performance.

My clients often express that one of their biggest concerns is that they don’t have it all together and don’t always know what they’re supposed to do. They worry someone may find out. They look at their peers and feel they are the only ones. Which couldn’t be further from the truth. Once they learn that they are not alone in their thinking and that so many successful people and businesses share the same struggles, they feel more motivated to dig into their challenges and make improvements. 

So if you want to help others succeed, let them see you struggle. Share the reality that it isn’t easy and you don’t always know the right answer or do the right thing. Offer them peace of mind and a space to feel safe sharing their own struggles, knowing that it doesn’t make them less qualified, successful, or capable.

Image text: Let them see you struggle so they don’t think they’re the only one who does