Looking for A Great Team-Building Activity?

Build your team by discussing values

Looking for a great team-building activity?

Lead a conversation about values. 

If you don’t yet have values:

  • Have the team select values that they believe in and will help guide their choices.

If you have values:

  • Clarify what the words mean in practice. 
  • What behaviours would you expect to see or not see?
  • How can your team members show you this word through action?

If you have defined behaviours:

  • Discuss how the team demonstrates the behaviours and meets the values.
  • What are they doing well that demonstrates the values?
  • What might they do differently to meet the values and agreed upon behaviours?
  • What new behaviours might they want to add to their expectations?

If you’re looking for an easy place to start:

  • Focus on “respect” and “communication.” 

Respect and communication are commonly held values that are often not articulated, agreed upon, or documented.  Do the team members know what “respect” and “communication” mean to each other?  Ask them to come together and discuss respect and communication, what they look like, and what the team might want to start, stop, and continue doing.