Looking For An Easy Leadership Goal?

Leadership tip: "Easy" Leadership Goal: Celebrate 1 small victory per day (or week)

We are so used to receiving only negative or no feedback.

We tend to only get recognition or reward when we’ve accomplished “the big thing” and get little to no recognition for the little efforts and achievements along the way.

We often label things as “no big deal” when they actually take a lot of effort.

We rarely hear “thank you” for a job well done.

What this means is that it’s actually really easy to make a big difference as a leader – by  simply acknowledging the small things, we can help people feel more valued, confident, and motivated.

If you’re looking for an “easy” way to enhance your leadership, consider committing to celebrating one small victory daily.  Don’t look for the big things, look for the little things that often go unnoticed.  The change in thinking.  The effort.  The small change.  The little act that demonstrates they care and are trying.  You don’t need to throw a party or offer rewards.  A simple acknowledgement goes a long way.

On the days you can’t find a specific victory, thank people for doing their job.  “For doing their job?  But it’s their job!”  It is, and I suspect you’re thankful they are doing what you expect of them and hearing that from you can make a big impact on relationships, culture, and performance, and well-being. 

Thank you to Luis for inspiring this post!