Paddling in Opposite Directions

Two people in a canoe paddling in opposite directions


So much time, energy, and money expended. And yet we’re still in the same spot on the lake. 

I’m angry at them. They’re angry at me. 

I’m working hard! We’re getting nowhere. It must be THEIR fault. 

If one of the people in the canoe changed direction, in just a few minutes there would be more progress than there had been in five hours. 

But without clear direction, objectives, and goals, our organizations and everyone in them become stuck in the lake.

The once energetic and eager canoeists eventually tire and start looking for another canoe or dry land. 

They may try amongst themselves to figure out who should be the one to change direction. But without knowing where they were headed, they remain locked in conflict. Arguments and passive-aggressive actions take up most of their time and energy. There is little left for paddling.  

With a clear destination, guidance to align, and support to succeed, teams and individuals can do their best and probably paddle further than we can even imagine.


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