Psychological Safety is Your Slight Edge

Psychological Safety is your slight edge

He rushed up immediately once I was finished speaking.

“I don’t want to monopolize all of your time, but I wanted to say that you nailed it with safety. I did leadership development for years and there was always something missing. I’ve come to realize it’s safety.”

This week, I had the pleasure of co-presenting to 150 HR professionals about the experience and outcomes of the City of Barrie’s leadership development pilot project.

We discussed how we immersed the leaders in key concepts that help them thrive and how they then use their experience and knowledge to help the people they lead to thrive. 

I highlighted four key concepts that are becoming essential leadership competencies:

💥 Create a safe space

💥 Change thinking

💥 Channel self-motivation

💥 Coach with empathy

This particular HR professional had already come to realize that safety is essential. 

More and more, we’re realizing the value of psychological safety and the impact its presence can have on a workplace. 

With this realization, workplaces and leaders are moving away from using motivators like punishment, fear, and competition and focusing more on creating a space where people feel like they can take risks, be honest, and make mistakes. This is where development, creativity, and growth happen, and the leaders and workplaces embracing creating a culture of safety are gaining a slight edge over those who aren’t. They’re creating a space people will be attracted to, stay in, and thrive in.

If you’re creating strategy for 2024, consider including psychological safety in your objectives, values, and even your vision. Determine how you will weave it into your culture and ensure leaders create an environment that helps your organization and its teams and people thrive.

Has your organization embraced psychological safety? Do you and your fellow leaders know how to create a safe space?  What actions have you taken to help the people you lead and work with thrive?  

Image text: Want to stay ahead of your competitors in 2024? Focus. On. Safety. Psychological. Physical. Emotional. Spiritual.