People are at the root of every solution

From leading the change process for large initiatives to implementing specific interventions like leadership training and team building, there are many ways we can help you reflect upon and improve your organization.

Choosing the right way to work together starts with understanding your needs and and the outcomes you want to achieve.

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Organizational Development Services

We increase the effectiveness of your organization by helping you
understand and prioritize issues and develop plans to improve performance.

We can work together to:
🟠 identify your needs and desired outcomes
🟠 collect and analyze data
🟠 provide feedback
🟠 create a strategic action plan
🟠 design and implement OD interventions, and
🟠 evaluate results.

Organizational Development Interventions

OD Interventions are specific activities designed to effect change and help your organization increase its effectiveness. Our initiatives can focus on individuals, teams / groups, or the entire organization.

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Leadership Training and Development

We help owners and leaders develop thinking and behaviour that engages, empowers, and inspires the people they lead.

Our leadership program, THRIVE: A Leadership Journey, guides leaders to deepen their understanding of people, including themselves, and create safe, motivating spaces where people can grow, develop, and be successful.

Learn more about THRIVE: A Leadership JourneyLearn about the Delving Into Difficult Discussions Program
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Team Member Training and Development

We help people develop the awareness, motivation, understanding, and ability to be stronger team members and excel in their roles. 

Our programs help people clarify and meet expectations, communicate, navigate conflict, solve problems, and acheive meaningful goals.

Learn about the Delving Into Difficult Discussions ProgramLearn more about programs and workshops

Team Building

Team Building is more than an event. 

Creating a high-performing team requires leading your group through the phases of forming, storming, and norming, helping them define their purpose, clarify expectations, deal with interpersonal conflict, and celebrate success. 

We offer team building services as well as training and support to increase your internal ability to build high-performing teams.

Addressing Problems and Navigating Conflict

Problems are most easily and effectively resolved when the people involved feel like partners in achieving success, have high emotional intelligence, can choose assertive behaviours, and can clarify their expectations. 

We help people develop the thoughts, feelings, and behaviours they need to address problems and navigate conflict effectively.  We can also facilitate difficult conversations that require support.  

learn more about the Delving Into Difficult Discussions program

Strategic Planning

We help you create a clear picture of where you want to go and develop a plan to achieve success.

We can help your organization, teams, or individuals identify a vision, mission, and purpose, select values and guiding principles, and create strategic objectives, goals, and plans that inspire people to take action.

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Group Facilitation

We create a safe space that elevates your conversations to more effectively identify improvements and solve problems.

We help the group get results by clarifying expectations, keeping focus, asking questions, challenging people to think critically and effectively navigating conflict.

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Culture Transformation

Culture is the sum of shared values, beliefs, and behaviours, a way of “how we do things around here.” 

Changing culture, like any change initiative, is a journey.  Success requires providing a clear destination, guiding people to align, and ensuring they have what they need to reach the goals. 

We can act as a change agent for your culture change and train and support your team to enhance your ability to lead change and transform your culture.

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Coaching is an approach that focuses primarily on helping others think things through on their own. 

While a workplace coach may give opinions and offer advice, the coach ideally uses their knowledge and experience to ask questions that make the coachee think, rather than telling them what they should do.  As coaches, we guide people to think critically, identify their priorities, and develop goals to achieve success. 

We offer Executive Coaching as well as training and support to help people become better workplace coaches.  

Data Collection and Analysis

We help you gather meaningful data from the people in your organization and turn it into useful information to evaluate performance and understand your greatest opportunities for improvement.

Once we have identified what you are trying to understand, monitor, or prove, we create a plan to gather feedback using simple and effective surveys, interviews, or focus groups designed specifically for you and your objectives.


A Leadership Journey

Part leadership program, part introduction to organizational development, THRIVE: A Leadership Journey is a facilitated program that helps owners and leaders increase their internal capacity to improve performance and well-being.


Programs, Workshops, and Speaking Engagements

Looking to bring awareness of a specific topic to your organization or group? Let’s talk!

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Delving Into Difficult Discussions

Addressing problems and navigating conflict are vital to creating an organization where people can thrive.  Delving Into Difficult Discussions is a multi-session program that offers ideas and exercises to help you improve your ability to have difficult discussions and solve performance and interpersonal problems.

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Dealing with Difficult People Situations

Difficult people situations can get the best of us. While it will never be easy, there are things you can do to improve the situation and outcome. This multi-session interactive workshop helps develop thoughts, feelings, and behaviours that lead to success.

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Getting to Know and Understand People

For someone to fully accept our advice, ideas, and assistance, they must first know that we understand their situation, needs, and desired outcomes.  This two-hour interactive workshop helps leaders, salespeople, team members, and parents reflect on opportunities to increase their success.  

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Beyond Bubble Baths: Understanding and Practicing Real Self-Care

In this two-hour session we talk about stress and the barriers we face to taking good care of ourselves and generate some ideas on how to practice effective self-care even in the most difficult circumstances.

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THRIVE: A Leadership Journey

Part leadership program, part introduction to organizational development, THRIVE: A Leadership Journey is a facilitated program that helps owners and leaders increase their internal capacity to improve performance and well-being.

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Freeing Up Room for Joy, Relaxation, and Simple Pleasure

As women, we often feel frustrated, resentful, and depleted as we strive to meet all the unrealistic, unclear, and conflicting expectations that society and others put upon us. This one-hour talk helps people shake the crushing weight of expectations, alleviate stress, and define their own set of expectations that helps them thrive.

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Need a speaker or workshop? Tell us what you’re looking for!

Whether you need a 45-minute virtual presentation, an in-person workshop, or a keynote address, we are full of ideas and energy that we’d love to share with your group.

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Not sure where to start?

Choosing the right initiatives can feel overwhelming.  Our initial conversations help you sort through the details, clarify your path, and bring peace of mind.  Reach out to set up a free call.