Stop Dealing With “Difficult People”

Dealing with difficult people situations

I have been trying to avoid labelling people as “difficult.”

And choosing instead to label the situation as “difficult.”

I adopted this thinking when I was asked to create a “Dealing With Difficult People” program.

I wanted one of the key concepts to be that ‘navigating conflict is much easier when you see yourself as two people teaming up against a problem, not against each other.’

I realized that creating a team can be hard when you see your teammates as difficult.

And creating a team tends to be easier when you see the solution as difficult.

So I switched the title to “Dealing with Difficult People Situations.”

It’s a people situation. And it’s difficult.

This doesn’t change the fact that you’re dealing with some behaviours that are difficult to navigate.

But it can change the story you’re telling yourself enough to help you choose your behaviours more wisely and increase the chances of getting the outcomes you’re hoping for.