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sugget a work walk

Find the Opportunity to Walk and Talk

I’d like to thank Andrew Kaikkonen and the Lovers atWork Office Furniture team for inspiring this post and the outcomes in it.  Excellent people, ideas, and furniture solutions, in case you’re in the market! A few months ago, I suggested meeting for coffee and Andrew asked I’d be up for a walk instead.  The idea…
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Build your team by discussing values

Looking for A Great Team-Building Activity?

Looking for a great team-building activity? Lead a conversation about values.  If you don’t yet have values: If you have values: If you have defined behaviours: If you’re looking for an easy place to start: Respect and communication are commonly held values that are often not articulated, agreed upon, or documented.  Do the team members…
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Talking at is not the same as talking with

Talk Less. Listen More.

We tend to confuse notification with communication. We say “I spoke with them about it,” when often we mean, “I spoke AT them about it.” I told them. Now why aren’t they doing it? I told them. Now why aren’t they excited? I told them. Now why aren’t they being creative? Effective communication is not…
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