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Leadership Tip: Maybe you don't need to learn HOW to have the DIFFICULT DISCUSSION Maybe you need to learn to STOP TRYING With cartoon images of 5 people at the bottom in various states of surprise.

Sometimes the Answer is Giving Up

Well-meaning, helpful people often ask: “How do I get through to them?” They’ve tried explaining it this way.They’ve tried explaining it that way.They’ve listened.They’ve asked questions.They’ve thought through their response for the 15th time.They’ve tried again.  And again.  And again.  And yet, the person they’re talking with still isn’t getting it. They’re blaming, attacking, and…
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Dealing with difficult people situations

Stop Dealing With “Difficult People”

I have been trying to avoid labelling people as “difficult.” And choosing instead to label the situation as “difficult.” I adopted this thinking when I was asked to create a “Dealing With Difficult People” program. I wanted one of the key concepts to be that ‘navigating conflict is much easier when you see yourself as…
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Leadership Tip: Performance Issue = Unmet Expectation

People Not Doing What You Expect of Them?

Do they know what you expect of them?Performance issues often result when we expect people to read our minds. Do you know what you expect of them?Performance issues often result when we can’t clearly state what we actually want. Are your expectations reasonable?Performance issues often result when we place unrealistic expectations on others because we…
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Dealing with performance issues steps

Dealing with Performance Problems

Punishment and avoidance rarely work. Approach performance issues with curiosity and empathy and you may find the discussion and solution are less difficult than you anticipated: When discussing and resolving performance issues: 🟠Prepare – prepare yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally 🟠Present – present the situation as you see it 🟠Discover – understand what is going…
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