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Leadership Tip: A closed door* isn’t a sign of disrespect for others it’s a sign of respect for yourself *or a do not disturb, silent mode, paused notifications… with a picture of a red and white “please do not disturb” sign.

It’s Time to Close the Door

The “Open Door Policy” wreaks havoc on organizations.  Or perhaps it’s more the underlying thinking that’s doing the damage. The thinking that we need to be available to everyone at all times, no matter what. The thinking that if we close our door, create boundaries, make time for ourselves, we are rude, unapproachable, disrespectful, a…
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Leadership tip: As the year ends, ask yourself: What did I learn? What can I celebrate? What am I grateful for? What do I value? What will I focus on in 2024. With a picture of a person sitting cross-legged with a pencil and journal.

Reflection is Hard… and Worth It

If we’re being honest… I don’t love answering the questions that I spend much of my time encouraging other people to answer. They’re HARD!     It’s much easier for me to ask the questions.  Which is part of the reason I love my job.  But in the spirit of not indulging in hypocrisy, and knowing that…
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