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Leadership Tip: Maybe you don't need to learn HOW to have the DIFFICULT DISCUSSION Maybe you need to learn to STOP TRYING With cartoon images of 5 people at the bottom in various states of surprise.

Sometimes the Answer is Giving Up

Well-meaning, helpful people often ask: “How do I get through to them?” They’ve tried explaining it this way.They’ve tried explaining it that way.They’ve listened.They’ve asked questions.They’ve thought through their response for the 15th time.They’ve tried again.  And again.  And again.  And yet, the person they’re talking with still isn’t getting it. They’re blaming, attacking, and…
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Chicken and egg systems problem

Systems Thinking Offers Leaders Clarity, Confidence, and Solutions

What is systems thinking? It’s about approaching a situation with the understanding that: And in leadership, understanding and improving the root issues means understanding people. With systems thinking, we learn to ask: And most importantly Systems thinking can first feel overwhelming, but with time, it can offer clarity, confidence, and solutions to even our biggest…
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