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Working Smarter Not Harder

Working Smarter, Not Harder

I got sick this week.   I woke up Tuesday morning feeling terrible.    Ah, what to do? It’s hard to choose rest when you have things to do. And when you’ve been bombarded your whole life with messaging like: I battled the messaging and chose rest. But first, I needed to send a time-sensitive email. Thankfully, the…
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"Want to feel better? Make small goals to empty your "I Should Do That Bag" lighten the mental and emotional burden you carry everywhere you do" with a picture of a woman carrying a full backpack and looking down.

Want to Feel Better? Empty Your “I Should Do That Bag”

The “I Should Do That Bag.” We all have one. We tend to add to it frequently and without much strategy. It gets heavier and heavier, and we carry it everywhere we go. No wonder we are so exhausted. Getting out from under the mental and emotional burden of our heavy load requires being more strategic in what…
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People Carrying a Lightbulb

How Do We Break the Cycle?

This is the third post in a three-part series on making wise investments of your time, energy, and money. Check out Are You Making the Most of Your Resources? and Why Are We Stuck? for more ideas. Most people don’t want to spend their day doing things that aren’t a good investment of their time…
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