Talk Less. Listen More.

Talking at is not the same as talking with

We tend to confuse notification with communication.

We say “I spoke with them about it,” when often we mean, “I spoke AT them about it.”

I told them.

Now why aren’t they doing it?

I told them.

Now why aren’t they excited?

I told them.

Now why aren’t they being creative?

Effective communication is not just about telling.  It’s also about encouraging others to talk and listening to what they have to say.

When we talk WITH people we can:

  • Check to ensure our message was received as intended.
  • Learn about barriers that may prevent our expectations from being met.
  • Find out what motivates and demotivates people
  • Help people get engaged
  • Inspire creativity and innovation
  • Build the safety, trust, and relationships that are essential to performance and well-being

The next time you need to talk with someone, consider:

  • Asking more questions
  • Checking to make sure they understand and are able to succeed
  • Learning what might motivate them to act