Team Meetings Feeling Like a Waste of Time?

High-performing team meetings are different

So often, team meetings become a time to:

  • Read off a list of what everyone has been working on
  • Try to do a task that makes much more sense for one or two people to do alone
  • Complain

Meet. Provide update. Complain. Check box. Next.

No wonder we dread meetings and feel exhausted after we leave them.

When high-performing teams meet, it’s different.

They may share some updates, but the focus of the meeting is on strengthening the outcomes of each individual and the team as a whole.

Team members share an interdependent relationship. They want to understand and meet the needs of their team members. They want to know what barriers exist, especially if that barrier is them.

High-performing teams discuss needs, barriers, and how to support each other.  Team members ask each other questions, listen to understand, and offer empathy.   They spend time getting to know each other, recognizing that building safety, trust, and relationships isn’t distracting from the work. It is the work.

What is your team talking about?

Is there an opportunity to create more impactful team meetings and elevate your team to a greater level of success?

Image text:
Leadership Tip: In high-performing teams, members ask each other about: Their needs, Their barriers, and how to support each other. What is your team talking about?


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