Time to Revisit Your Goals?

Leadership Tip: It's a great time to pull out your goal plan, celebrate your successes, think about the barriers, plan and do "the next right thing" with 4 pairs of hands giving thumbs up or high five.

Are your goals gathering dust?

If you’re like many (most?) of us, your goal plans are currently sitting in a pile or a folder.

Perhaps we can call it “The Good Intentions Folder.”

So hard to get to.  So easy to forget.

Turning goals into action requires discipline.  Focus.  Intention.

Valuing and prioritizing the proactive, knowing it’s so easy to get drawn into the reactive.

It’s the start of a new quarter.  Spring is starting to feel real.

It’s a great time to pull out your goal plans. 

  • Celebrate.  Look for the little wins, they’re an essential part of the solid foundation.
  • Talk about the barriers.  Don’t forget about the story you’re telling yourself.
  • Figure out the next right thing.  Remember that goals are achieved through a series of small steps.

And set a reminder to pull the plans out again – frequent check-ins make all the difference.