Wellness is About Culture, Not Programs

Leadership tip: Even the best wellness program can't cure an unhealthy culture with a picture of two branches with green leaves on them.

She was sick and tired of being sick and tired.

She’d done the EAP counselling.
She’d attended the lunchtime workshops.
She used the company gym.

And none of it helped her feel better.

The lack of trust.
The feeling of being in regular battle with her colleagues.
The unaddressed performance issues that frequently impacted her and her work.

They were all too overwhelming.  Too stressful.  Too much. 

Her health depended on the health of the organization.  And the unhealthy culture was making her sick.   

People can’t do their best work in a workplace that lacks trust, direction, communication, and accountability. 

Real wellness comes from the thinking, systems, and support that help people feel and do their best.