Why are they doing THAT?!”

Don't just ask why? answer it

“Why are they doing THAT?”

“WHAT were they thinking?”

“How did they think THAT was a good idea?”

“WHY can’t they just sort it out themselves?”


Questions like these are asked all day, every day, in organizations. 

We express them in frustration to a colleague.

We mutter them to our tired selves. 

We bring them home and share them with family and friends.

And we tend to stop there.  Frustrated.  A little more tired.  A little closer to the end of our rope. 

I love listening for these questions.  And I especially love asking them a second time:

“That’s a great question, why ARE they doing that?”

“That’s an excellent question, what WERE they thinking?”

“Amazing question, how DID they think that was a good idea?”

“Interesting question, why CAN’T they sort it out themselves?”

And then digging deeper below the surface, to where the solutions and peace of mind are hiding:

“And how might you find out?”

“And what might the root cause of that be?”

“And what might you not be seeing?”

“And what might you need to understand better?”

“And how might you positively support this situation?”

If you pay attention, you’ll probably start to notice how frequently we stop at “why?”. 

You and the people in your organization are asking so many great questions. Peace of mind can often be found in answering them.