Why Do Change Initiatives Fail?

Leadership Tip - Organizational Change = Individual Change

Why do change initiatives fail?

Often it’s because we fail to see organizational change as individual change.

For any change initiative:

  • What each person needs to start, stop, and continue doing is unique to them
  • What each person thinks and feels about the change is unique to them
  • What motivates each person is unique to them
  • What each person needs to address and overcome their stressors and barriers is unique to them

This means that every large-scale change initiative benefits from individual attention, coaching, and support.

Struggling with organizational change?

  • Spend time getting to know each individual’s situation, needs, stressors, and barriers
  • Work together to identify ways to overcome the barriers
  • Recognize that resistance is a barrier that becomes bigger and stronger when we push, punish, and ignore


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