Working Smarter, Not Harder

Working Smarter Not Harder

I got sick this week.  

I woke up Tuesday morning feeling terrible.   

Ah, what to do?

  1. Get up and push through?
  2. Stay in bed and rest?

It’s hard to choose rest when you have things to do. And when you’ve been bombarded your whole life with messaging like:

  • Hustle
  • Be productive
  • Don’t quit
  • Sleep is for the weak

I battled the messaging and chose rest.

But first, I needed to send a time-sensitive email. Thankfully, the effort it took to craft that email reinforced the importance of going back to bed and resting my brain, which was “not braining.”

It also made me think of the number of people and organizations who are doing sub-par work because of the long-held belief that “butt in seat” is more valuable than rest. Because we prioritize getting it done over getting it done well.

Sure, I could have pushed through. I could have spent 8 hours looking productive. I could have done a whole bunch of work below my standards of quality. I could have kept that meeting and spread my cold to someone else. 

Instead, I watched TV from the comfort of my bed.

Wednesday my brain was braining again. I got a lot done. And more importantly for me, the quality of work I was doing was back to normal. 

I got more work done over two days than I would have if I had pushed through. The work was higher quality and I didn’t have to redo it. And I got to watch some really interesting TV shows. 

Do you have an opportunity to redefine productivity for yourself or within your organization?